Finance, Innovation and the Kingmakers

Elon Musk is recently pushing the idea of a hyper loop transportation system, but it’s nothing new. This author and people here visiting the site know exactly why these projects do not get funded. And, it’s not because of these well thought out theories aren’t good enough.

It is because money today is more concentrated with a fewer individuals and corporations than ever before. These guys do not want competition nor any nouveau riche to join their exclusive club. Plus, they already have super advanced technologies within their super secret black budget world and don’t want us catching up with it/them ever. Once the bullies, leeches and parasites of this world, now their world/civilization has gotten big enough that it has been able to break away. The leaders of this Breakaway Civilization have become our Masters of the Universe and modern gods to whom we owe our allegiance.

Wait a minute? Aren’t they Human like you and I? They don’t think so and members of this breakaway civilization are brought up to believe they are superior to us. Funny thing about consciousness at this level of awareness and place in the universe is that it begins to regress to its animalistic instincts and develops a very dangerous ego. That ego begins to fear death and suffering more than usual and cannot cope with it or accept it. This in turn becomes the need to control its ultimate destiny and to live “forever”. Unfortunately, that means the need to destroy any competition even if that competition is healthy for and contributes to the improvement of the species and society. This ego becomes irrational and wants benefits and improvements only to itself, or a select few, but not for the “competition” or the rest of us. As in all owner/slave relationships, the situation between the super elite that make up the breakaway civilization and the ruled citizens of the taxed consumer economy becomes unsustainable.

Why is it so hard to get great ideas off the ground? Why does Wall Street only fund ideas and businesses that do not contribute a quantum leap to our civilization? It’s because those ideas reside only in the black world, not where you and I work and reside. We, however, are stuck with fossil fuels, solar panels, wind farms, nuclear energy, bottled water, trash TV, censored history about us and our planet, archaic space vehicles, and cars on wheels. Those space vehicles and cars might drive themselves, but they are nonetheless on wheels and controlled through the wireless grid anyway which is built and controlled by the same super elite. We are slaves. Strides in technology are given and allowed. Those anointed to lead those innovations have been allowed to join the club and have become kings in their own right. Wall Street and the super elite have become Kingmakers, which they always have been, but now it is on a global scale.

Ever wonder why a musical artist, actor, entertainer, or entrepreneur that has clearly no talent becomes globally recognized? Most importantly it is to fuck with you. Just as important, the system is so closely knit that if someone has been “knighted” to be the next big thing, then they are; not just nationally, but globally. It’s hard to imagine such overreaching power and influence on our species, but the infrastructure and technology is there; Always listening and always monitoring. Not for terrorists, mind you, but for competitors. That is the real reason behind the surveillance state. The powers that be want it all. Everything. Not just money, but they want the monopoly over the knowledge about who we are, where we come from, what we are capable of and the nature of the Universe.

The Black Budget and top secret U.S. intelligence funding is said to be at $53 billion. However, this is the tip of the iceberg. Read/listen to Richard Dolan and Catherine-Austin Fitz on the Breakaway Civilization and how it has been re-organizing the world through manipulated financial bubbles and created wars to fund their super secret black budget world. And now most recently with an engineered world war that starts in Syria to provoke Russia, China and Iran to “stop the bully from the West”.

Our Western leaders will eventually rise from the ashes that they provoked Russia and China to induce, and use their ultra advanced weapons from the super secret black world they once inhabited to finally take over the planet. However, this time they will not be the aggressors, but our saviors. Even though we know they created the whole situation for global takeover, we will want and need them to do it. Maybe deep down it is a desire to finally see and experience the technologies hidden away from us for so long. Nonetheless, it will happen and just the way it has been laid out here.

Can we escape this reality?

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Breakaway Civilization comes to Hollywood

Matt Damon and Jodie Foster star in a movie depicting the Breakaway Civilization and the social and political concerns surrounding it. Elysium will be released August 9th, 2013.

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Full Takeover is Upon Us

Looking back, we now know that 9/11 was a Mass Occult Sacrificial Ritual. It was meant to show the world that the Freemasons, actually a satanic off-shoot of the Freemasons, were now on the move to take over the planet. It marked the day that traditional religion’s reign on planet Earth was to be replaced by the new (although ancient) satanic magi “illuminated” ones, that have been planning a comeback for thousands of years.

This satanic free-masonic group and its members have created and have overseen the super secret Black Budget world that allowed the Breakaway Civilization to form. Only through a breakaway civilization can a disconnect occur with their once brethren to wage war against, manipulate, lie, murder and steal from. Only through a breakaway civilization can those members perceive themselves as being better and more enlightened to rule over the former civilization they came from. Their goal is to become the master and we, the masses, become the enslaved.

If there was never such a secretive black budget world, but instead scientific leaps and discoveries made in the open, the whole Human race would’ve evolved and would’ve been just as enlightened. But, these psychopaths and sociopaths wanted the information for themselves and wanted to rule over us all so that only they can benefit. No more competition, just monopoly.

Unfortunately for them (the super global elite that stole and now control the US black budget technology) that is not the way the Universe works. They cannot be omnipotent, no matter how hard they try. Technology only mimics/copies the Divine, so technology will not make them divine. When technology is used for evil, it is the way of lucifer, their master who has convinced them of eternity in the material world. But they have been wrongly seduced, for one solar flare will fry every technological post-human body their consciousness’ occupy.

I only hope their reign from high in the sky and cities deep within the Earth ends quickly. Albeit, it won’t end without pain, agony, loss, bloodshed and finally a serious awakening to our predicament and that we allowed it to happen right in front of our eyes. Yes, we allowed this to happen. So, its end will mirror the comforts we’ve enjoyed with an equal amount of discomforts. Just prepare for the worst and may God be by your side giving you strength to rebuild this world like how He intended it to be: FREE.

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The Breakaway Civilization Has Left (well, most of them)

Before reading the below, please watch this video.

The effort put forth by the Liberty Movement accomplished the impossible. But, it’s too late to try and change the system from within through any party. As mentioned in the video, the system itself must be ignored, i.e. Our consciousness must not see it or recognize it anymore.

Unfortunately, it seems like the current Breakaway Civilization has already left the paradigm they created. As previously theorized in other posts, they created this paradigm/reality mentally through the MSM and physically through global central banking. They are now in deep underground bases that their black budget world super secret technology built, or off-world using the exotic technology from the same super secret black budget world.

It’s already hapenned in the ancient past. Our “gods” left us with the “middle management” or the priesthood and “broke away”. Out of rebellion, this priesthood (that were witnesses to the ancient “gods”) then created the Ancient Mystery Schools to pass that secret down to the present day. Their ultimate purpose was to exploit us like they were once exploited by their “gods”. Now, the old “middle management” has become the new elite and the most current breakaway civilization.

Today, we are left with the current “middle management” or the “prison guards” to deal with us. After all the trillions of dollars squandered and hidden away, this “middle management” is pissed off and will deal with us the best way they know how: force, violence, marshal law and a modern police state. All evidence of their previous owners and their technology is gone, and this “middle management” low IQ existence feels abandoned and alone…with the Liberty Movement at its gates.

We are at the crossroads. We either confront these “middle management”/”prison guards” (which are very prepared for that), or we recede away into oblivion like this Daily Paul poster’s father. Either way, this is not a good time if you are not prepared for any of these scenarios.

Wake up the people around you. Help them get ready and help them get prepared.

I leave you all with this.

P.S. Breakaway Civilizations will be a recurring theme with humanity until every human individual understands that fiat money, central banking and a secret national security state makes it possible. Breakaway civilizations depend on human society to unknowingly slave away to create the technologies (once created then destroyed by the older breakaway civilization) possible and made available for the current elite to “break away”.

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The Reality of John Titor

John Titor was a time traveller that started posting on the Internet in 2000 and departed for his timeline in 2001. He came from the year 2036, and posted about a post nuclear war United States. He was the first to begin posting about an American civil war because of the destruction of our Constitution and civil liberities. He also mentioned the failed attempt of a NWO (he called it the American Federal Empire) with Russia as its enemy. At the time, what he was posting was considered ridiculous and preposterous. But if you look at the analysis of the state of the world today, he looks like a prophet (forget the dates, he was from a parallel universe similar to ours, but not exactly the same. It was similar enough for it to be having the same future…eventually).

Furthering the Breakaway Civilization theory, John Titor was interested in UFOs in our timeline and first started to get in touch with people through Coast to Coast AM. I believe that in his timeline, all evidence of the secretive black budget world and their exotic technology was completely destroyed and went underground and off-world. That interest in the Breakaway Civilization instigated his reaching out to people online, however, he took it much farther than that.

He always mentioned that his timeline was not exactly like ours, but that it was very similar, hence the difference in the years of the start of the civil war and other topics he covers. His physics of time travel was discussed at the time with a couple of physics Internet boards. His basic premise was that we inhabit a multiverse (parallel universes), and when we travel through time, we actually travel to a parallel universe. As long as you don’t go too far in time, the universe(s) you travel to will not deviate very much in similarity. This does solve the grandfather paradox since the grandfather in the past you travel to is not the grandfather in your timeline. He predicted CERN and its discovery of tiny black holes, the Z gravity machine at Los Alamos Laboratory and recently the loss of our liberties that we would only notice after our neighbors are taken away for expressing pro-liberty views.

John Titor is definitely a mystery. He was either part of the Breakaway Civilization and wanted to warn “the sheeple” about what’s to come if they do not start taking their Constitution seriously. If we did not change our ways, according to Titor, we risk going through a Civil War followed by a nuclear strike by Russia. He says Russia was on the side he was on: against the American Federal Empire.

If he was not part of the Breakaway Civilization, then we must accept that he was a real time traveller from the year 2036. It’s already too late to heed to his warnings since they were over 10 years ago, but at least we can begin preparing for what’s to come.

The rabbit hole does go deep, but how deep?

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Karma – from another realm?

So, how can they get away with so much greed, lust, slave-running, human/drug/arms traficking and mass murder? What happened to Karma?

I thought about the Karma predicament, and have come to this conclusion: Karma is definitely real, and the rulers of the world know this. But, they found a way around it. They have created an artificial system starting with the creation of the money supply. Meaning, every construct around us is artificial and was created through their system of money. Karma works through the natural world and we are not inhabiting the natural world; we are inhabiting their world. However, Karma does effect individuals within the same reality construct, i.e. ourselves, but it does not effect them. They sit above our reality. Remember, they are a Breakaway Civilization.

How else can they get away with so much death and murder? It can’t be the Occult rituals they conduct that protects them, because there are benevolent beings in the physical and invisible realms. But, I don’t believe these beings can help us nor penetrate our reality unless they were “brought up” in it. For example, we all believe what we saw on TV as the Moon Landings was what really happened. Well, it didn’t. We landed on the Moon, but in man-made reverse engineered flying saucers, not the way depicted on television. What we saw was a movie directed by Stanley Kubrick, who was approached by the Breakway Civilization sometime in 1963 after they viewed his talent in Dr. Strange Love. Furthermore, JFK was not assassinated by a lone assassin; 911 was not done by Muslim terrorists; Usama Bin Laden was not killed during the Obama administration; the Aurora shootings were a false flag operation; the Fed is not a government institution; and on and on creating a collective consciousness that is our reality.

So, we have been living in an artificial reality, physically through their creation of the money supply and mentally through the media/education/entertainment narrative by these institutions. And since they control our physical and mental reality, Karma does not apply to them. For they are they are the creators, therefore gods of this reality. However, I believe the Internet is the solution.

Although these words exist on machines created through their system of money, our consciousness was not created through that system. It was created and brought forth by natural processes, and when a soul expresses itself on the Internet through personal blogs, it is unedited, untouched and pure. Essentially, owned by the soul that expressed it.

Blogs are Human consciousness’ and Human souls’ way to reach out to the sleep-walking masses. Like Morpheus and Neo trying to reach out to the people in the Matrix to wake up. We bloggers must do the same: try to wake up people or at least help them plan and prepare for what’s to come. Because even when the planned economic collapse happens, and they try to shut down the internet and our way to communicate with each other through electrical “black outs”, there will be solar powered autonomous wireless broadband nodes installed all over by the people. Even radio frequency jamming will not work. There is more than enough technology that can, for example, automatically have these broadcast sites switch frequencies when needed and signal the receivers to switch also. Neither nukes nor EMPs would be used to take out these sites since that risks their equipment to malfunction also.

So, keep it up my fellow bloggers. For you are Humanity’s sword against true evil. Your soul’s expression through words on the Internet is Karma reaching into their realm from another dimension. They will attempt to close that crack in the levee through legislation and force, but we all know that levees cannot stop tsunamis. In this case, it is a tsunami of truth.

They never personally foresaw the Internet, nor did their think tanks or institutions. They will try to censor it and tame it, however it’s like trying to stop the universe from expanding.


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What is the Breakaway Civilization?

The term “Breakaway Civilization” was coined by Richard Dolan after his exhaustive and extensive research into his books UFOs and the National Security State Volumes 1 and 2. He came to the realization that the deep secretive black budget world had actually become a civilization on its own with its own exotic technology, a different view of the cosmos, our place in it, and a different version of Human history. This is a new avenue of research that will delve into the Occult, secret societies, Central Banking, UFO secrecy, the Military Industrial Complex, and the Secret Space Program comprising this Breakaway Civilization.

Who are they? All one needs to do is look at what is happening with the Wall Street Bailouts (TARP) and the manipulation of Libor, where approximately $27 trillion has gone missing. Where did this money go? It is obviously financing this Breakaway Civilization’s space ships, mass underground bases, offshore floating cities and off-world bases. Why have they completely lost the need to communicate with us, and when?That goes back to the Occult and Secret Societies and the role they played throughout Human history. It is also because our passive attitude to their accumulation of power throughout these 100 years. We have done nothing to stop them, even though the signs were everywhere and people have been warning for years.

Now they have accelerated operations because people are waking up. However, when their project of total control is finalized, (and it is on the horizon) this information will be suppressed and we will be the last generation to know the truth. We will have invisible “rulers from above and below” running a totalitarian planet with a one world government, one world central bank and a one world religion.

Let’s see how far down the rabbit hole we will go.

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