Welcome to the Breakaway Civilization.

You have reached this page because you are aware that there is a parallel, separate, yet very connected civilization close to this one. One that has its own (unlimited) funding, its own understanding of history and science, but cloaked in secrecy. However, it’s existence is apparent everywhere for those looking for it. From Hollywood movies to perpetual wars to investments on Wall Street, there is a pattern that points to a Space-Based Economy and a Secret Space Program. With President Donald Trump’s announcement of the Space Force this year, we can deduce that there are two major reasons this is happening.

1.) To protect US investments in space. According to Goldman Sachs and other financial institutions, we will witness a rise in the space-based economy. For now, these investments are in satellites and broadband, but they are projecting investments in mining asteroids. The members of the breakaway civilization do not like to take risks, so if they are going to invest in space, they need guarantees.

And who is better to guarantee an investment like the US Military? Nobody. They have been doing it on Earth for the past 200 years, so now it’s time to venture out.

2.)  To declassify technology that would have never seen the light of day. The technology that the breakaway civilization has is so secret, it is unacknowledged and compartmentalized. Very few people know these projects exist and even fewer know the big picture. So, the only way to bring these technologies out in the open is through a Space Force.

A great move by President Trump.

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